Reliability. It’s the heart of Disaster Recovery & Survivability, a first to market solution that provides complete redundancy for SIP Trunking customers. DRS removes the costs and complexities generally associated with implementing a Disaster Recovery infrastructure by giving customers an integrated suite of cloud-based call control and unified communications tools.

DRS works seamlessly with MaxxConnect IP Trunking to provide customers survivability from any type of interruption:

  • A LAN or WAN issue
  • Carrier outage
  • Equipment failure
  • Power loss
  • Natural disaster
  • Part of an upgrade or maintenance


West IP Communications does this by harnessing the power of our ControlMaxx platform, along with our PSTN/SS7 call routing infrastructure, in a package designed specifically to provide Disaster Recovery solutions for SIP trunking customers. Through a powerful, Web-based portal and synchronization with a customer’s Active Directory, predetermined call handling rules are set to determine how incoming calls should be routed in the event of an outage.

Customers have a number of flexible emergency call routing options:

  • Alternate office locations
  • Alternate call centers
  • Third party answering services
  • Home or mobile phones
  • Auto attendants
  • Voice mail boxes